Rhenus PartnerShip acquires full stake in DGA Shipping, a new era dawns!

Rhenus PartnerShip is increasing its grip on the Belgian inland shipping market by increasing its stake in DGA Shipping to 100%, following the acquisition of HGK Shipping's 55% stake. We, DGA Shipping, operate in the ARA region and the Rhine basin, with our own fleet for the transport of dry bulk, general cargo and project cargo. The acquisition strengthens Rhenus' competitive position and provides opportunities for expansion into Antwerp.

Rhenus PartnerShip, a division of Rhenus Logistics, will become an independent player in the Belgian inland shipping market by increasing its stake in DGA Shipping to 100%. To do so, it is taking over HGK Shipping's 55% stake in DGA Shipping.

DGA Shipping provides inland shipping services throughout the ARA region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) and the entire Rhine basin in cooperation with German partners. The company has its own fleet of push boats and pushed barges. It transports dry bulk as well as general cargo and project cargo. The company was already 45% owned by Rhenus PartnerShip. That stake will now be increased to 100% through the acquisition of HGK Shipping's majority stake in DGA Shipping.

HGK Shipping intends to invest the proceeds from the sale of the shares in its strategic development and, in particular, in new business units. "We are convinced that the company is in good hands with Rhenus and wish them every success," said Steffen Bauer, CEO of HGK Shipping.

Stronger competitive position
With the acquisition, Rhenus PartnerShip consolidates its position in the market and can support its customers in a more flexible way. "This will allow us to maximize our synergies, use our resources more efficiently and offer our customers a broader and better range of services," said Thomas Maassen, managing director of Rhenus PartnerShip.

Rhenus traffic towards Antwerp
With this new development, Rhenus focuses in particular on Rhine traffic towards Antwerp. "We want to expand our services to Belgium and play a leading role to successfully anchor our position in that market," Maassen adds.

In doing so, the company can draw on the strong network that DGA Shipping has built in the past in cooperation with Rhenus and HGK. "We have greatly expanded the DGA business together with HGK in recent years, mainly in the field of chartering. However, there is still great potential that we now want to develop further," Maassen concluded.

The new shareholder structure does not affect employees and customers. The DGA team will continue to exist and nothing will change in terms of ongoing projects and partnerships either.

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