Our chartering team brings together your cargo and our network of skippers

Our planners will look to find the cargo space or barge space needed for you to get your cargo to its destination as efficiently as possible via inland shipping. For us, efficiency in transport also means ensuring an optimal flow so that no space is left unused and we can reduce our CO2 emission.

It is our goal to make life easy for our customers

Thanks to years of experience, DGA Shipping can call on a robust network of inland shipping operators. We have long-term partnerships with private carriers who sail exclusively for DGA Shipping and we look for a perfect match between your cargo and our fleet. This network means we can meet any transport demand, and any loading or unloading port is possible. We are in close daily contact with all of our carriers via social media, phone or email so that we can always provide you, the customer, with up-to-date information.

Every year, our chartering team ships around 2 million tonnes of goods
via inland waterways

At DGA Shipping, we provide transport of bulk and break bulk products for various sectors, such as construction, chemical, steel and agricultural industries. The vessels we charter have capacities ranging from 350 tonnes for the smaller vessels to 4,500 tonnes and more for the large barges.

Your cargo across the entire Western Europe

DGA connects the ARA region with all Belgian, Dutch, French and German canals and rivers.

The Belgian Hinterland connections

The Rhine as far as Switzerland

The North German canals as far as Berlin

The Danube as far as the Black Sea in Romania

Any questions? Please contact DGA Shipping

+32 3 213 43 43